Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi View Point, located in Wayanad district of Kerala, India, is a popular tourist spot known for its breathtaking views and scenic beauty. Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Lakkidi View Point offers a panoramic vista of the surrounding hills, valleys, and mist-covered landscapes. Let’s explore the captivating history of Lakkidi View Point in Wayanad.

The history of Lakkidi View Point is intertwined with the rich cultural heritage of Wayanad. The region has been inhabited by indigenous tribes for centuries, who held a deep reverence for the natural beauty and mystique of the land. They lived in harmony with nature and had a deep understanding of the land’s topography and its significance.

With the arrival of the colonial powers, Wayanad came under the rule of the British East India Company. The British recognized the mesmerizing beauty of the region and its potential as a tourist destination. They developed infrastructure and opened up access to the scenic locations, including Lakkidi View Point.

Over the years, Lakkidi View Point gained popularity among locals and tourists for its awe-inspiring views. The viewpoint offers a stunning panorama of the winding roads, lush valleys, and mist-covered peaks, creating a mesmerizing sight for visitors.

The misty ambiance and cool climate of Lakkidi add to its charm, making it a favored destination for nature lovers and photographers.

Today, Lakkidi View Point is easily accessible by road. It lies on the NH766 highway, which connects Kozhikode and Wayanad.

The viewpoint is strategically located at the top of Thamarassery Ghat Pass, which is one of the highest points in Wayanad. This vantage point provides a bird’s-eye view of the winding hairpin bends and the verdant landscapes of Wayanad.

Visitors can reach Lakkidi View Point by private vehicles, taxis, or buses. The journey to the viewpoint is as delightful as the destination itself, as it takes you through scenic routes surrounded by tea and coffee plantations, dense forests, and picturesque villages.

Lakkidi View Point has become a must-visit attraction in Wayanad, captivating tourists with its natural splendor and breathtaking vistas. It offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing an opportunity to immerse oneself in the serene beauty of nature.

Lakkidi View Point Wayanad holds a significant place in the history of the region. From its indigenous roots to its recognition as a tourist hotspot, this viewpoint has stood as a testament to the mesmerizing landscapes and natural allure of Wayanad.

A visit to Lakkidi View Point is a journey into the heart of nature, offering a memorable experience of the scenic beauty that defines Wayanad’s charm.

How to Reach Lakkidi View Point?

Reaching Lakkidi View Point is quite convenient, and you have different transportation options.

Lakkidi View Point

By Air: The nearest airport to Lakkidi View Point is Calicut International Airport, which is around 65 kilometers away. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach View Point. The journey by road usually takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the traffic and road conditions.

By Train: The closest railway station to Lakkidi View Point is Kozhikode Railway Station, located approximately 58 kilometers away. It has good connectivity to major cities in India. From the railway station, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach View Point. The travel time by road is typically around 1-2 hours, depending on the traffic.

By Road: Lakkidi View Point is well-connected by road. You can reach the viewpoint by private car, taxi, or bus. If you are coming from nearby cities like Kozhikode, Mysore, or Bangalore, you can follow the NH766 highway, which passes through the Wayanad district. Lakkidi View Point is situated approximately 5 kilometers from the town of Vythiri, and there are signboards along the way that guide you to the viewpoint.

Local Transportation: Once you reach the vicinity of Lakkidi View Point, you can hire a local taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the viewpoint. The viewpoint is located at the end of a winding road, and you will need to walk the final stretch. Please note that the road leading to the viewpoint is narrow and steep, so it’s advisable to hire a local driver who is familiar with the area.

It’s recommended to check the current transportation options and schedules, as they may vary. Additionally, during the monsoon season or heavy rainfall, the road leading to View Point may be temporarily closed for safety reasons. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly and check for any updates before starting your journey to Lakkidi View Point.

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