Shri Vaikom Mahadev Temple

Shri Vaikom Mahadev Temple: Sacred Abode of Devotion and Blessings

The Shri Vaikom Mahadev Temple, located in Vaikom, Kerala, India, holds great historical and religious significance. It is one of the oldest and most revered Shiva temples in Kerala and has a rich history that dates back centuries. According to legends, the temple was established during the Treta Yuga, an ancient era in Hindu mythology. … Read more

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple: Revered Shrine of Spiritual Bliss

The Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple, located in the city of Kottayam in the southern state of Kerala, India, holds a significant place in the history of the region and is one of the oldest temples in the state. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is renowned for its architectural beauty, cultural heritage, and religious … Read more

Varkala Aquarium

Varkala Aquarium: Exploring Marine Wonders and Aquatic Delights

History The Varkala Aquarium is located in the beautiful town of Varkala in Kerala, India. It has been around for many years and is a popular place for tourists to visit. The aquarium is also important for protecting marine life and teaching people about the ocean. The Varkala Aquarium opened on January 28, 2007. It … Read more

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, India, has a captivating history and offers a unique experience for tourists. Let’s explore the history and tourism aspects of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. History of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1973 as part of the Project Elephant initiative … Read more

Parvati Temple Pune

The history of the Parvati Temple in Pune dates back several centuries and holds great significance in the cultural and religious heritage of the city. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology. Let’s delve into the intriguing history of this revered temple. The origins of the Parvati … Read more

Sinhgad Fort

History of Sinhagad fort Sinhgad Fort, also known as Sinhagad Fort, is a historic fortress located near Pune in Maharashtra, India. With a rich and storied past, Sinhgad Fort stands proudly atop a hill in the Sahyadri Mountain Range, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The origins of Sinhgad Fort can be traced back … Read more