Amazing places to visit in the backwaters of Alleppey

Alleppey, which is in Kerala, is so beautiful that it is one of the best tourist places in the whole of India. Alleppey is also known as Alappuzha. Alleppey is the hometown of houseboats in Kerala.

Where a lot of backwaters houseboats happen here. There are other places in Alleppey that you can visit such as Alleppey Lighthouse, Alleppey Beach, Sri Krishna Temple, St. Mary’s Foreign Church, so we know all these places in detail. Alleppey Backwaters Houseboat Most tourists come to Alleppey to enjoy the backwaters houseboats. The backwaters houseboats of Alappuzha come in the state of Kerala. The houseboat here is like a mobile home.

If you come here, you can STAY in these houseboats for 1 day. You can enjoy a lot of fun while roaming in these houseboats.

There are various pickup points for houseboats in Alleppey. If you want, you can spend one hour, two hours or as much time as you want in these houseboats. In these houseboats, charges have to be paid according to the time. If you speak to the houseboat people in advance, they will tell you the money according to the time.

So the best time to visit here is from October to February. Here you will find different types of houseboats. From small to big, if you are coming here, then you reach from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. After reaching here, you can book the houseboat for as many times as you want.

If you come here after 4:00 pm, then you may not get today’s houseboat ride. Because the houseboats here are closed from 5:00 pm. Alleppey is also called the HUB of backwater tourism. Tourists come from Alleppey to get the feel of the houseboat.

If you are staying in the houseboat, then you do not have to worry about food. Because in the houseboat you get both veg and non-veg food. There are coconut trees on both sides of the beach here and you can enjoy the views by sitting inside the houseboat in the backwater in the middle and at 5:00 pm the houseboat is put on the shore. So you can come to the market of Alleppey.

If you are a vegetarian then you will get food but you will have to roam and search a bit in the market. Friends, if you come here, do enjoy the houseboat.

Alleppey LightHouse

Alleppey has a very tall lighthouse. From inside the lighthouse, you have to reach the very top and from there you will get a view of the whole of Alappuzha.

By going to the top of the light house, you can click as many photos as you want and enjoy the views.

Alleppey Beach

Alappuzha beach is in Kerala. Alappuzha beach is not a tourist place anyway. But by coming here you can get many photos clicked. You are not allowed to go in the sea on Alappuzha Beach. Alappuzha beach gets huge waves. For this reason, it is forbidden to go into the water here.

By the way, people will not be able to see on Alleppey beach because there is no permission. For this reason no one comes to visit here and you will not find any shop here.

Shri Krishna Temple Alleppey

Shri Krishna Temple which is located in Alleppey in Kerala. Shri Krishna Temple is a very old temple, this temple is very nice and also good. There is also a many years old tree next to this temple. Which enhances the beauty of this temple even more. There is a big statue of an elephant on the other side of Shri Krishna temple. And there is also a live elephant on the side of the temple and that elephant keeps swinging to the tune of the voice in the devotion of Shri Krishna.

Every year lakhs of devotees come to visit this temple. This temple is not a tourist place. But it is a place of worship for lakhs of devotees. If you come to Kerala, you can come and visit Shri Krishna temple. Aarti of Shri Krishna ji takes place in the morning and evening in this temple. If you are a devotee of Shri Krishna then definitely visit here. Aarti is performed here in the morning and evening. If you come in the morning or in the evening, you can take advantage of the aarti.

St. Mary Forane Church

St. Mary’s Foreign Church is the most beautiful church in Kerala. This church is in Alleppey i.e. Alappuzha. This church is very beautiful to see and there is another backwater on its side. It also works to enhance its beauty. Tourists from other countries come to St. Mary’s Foreign Church. This church located in Kerala attracts tourists even more. If you are also coming to Kerala, then you can also visit here.

Alleppey Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is great for the body. Ayurvedic massage in Alleppey is quite different from other places. If tourists come here in Alappuzha, they get Ayurvedic massage done. You will get to see different types of packages here, such as Face pack, Foot pack, Oil massage and many more packages are available. If you want to get Ayurvedic massage done here, you can get it done.

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