Tea Garden Kerala

Tea Gardens in Kerala: Immerse Yourself in the Serenity of Verdant Beauty

Kerala, a southern state of India, is known for its beautiful tea gardens, which are spread across the hilly regions of the Western Ghats. The tea gardens in Kerala are a major tourist attraction, offering visitors the opportunity to witness the picturesque beauty of the plantations, the process of tea production, and the culture of … Read more

Jatayu Rock

Jatayu Rock: Majestic Marvel and Nature's Delight | Explore Now

Jatayu Rock is a majestic rock formation located in the Chadayamangalam village of Kerala, India. It is named after Jatayu, a divine bird from the epic Ramayana. Jatayu was known for its loyalty and bravery. In the Ramayana, Jatayu fought against the demon king Ravana while he was trying to abduct Sita, Lord Rama’s wife. … Read more