Bay Island Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum

History of Bay Island Driftwood Museum The Bay Island Driftwood Museum is located in Kumarakom, Kerala, India. It was established in 2001 by Raji Punnoose, a schoolteacher who had a passion for collecting driftwood. The museum is situated on the banks of Lake Vembanad, and it is the only museum of its kind in India. … Read more


Museum of Kerala History

The Museum of Kerala History is a museum located in Kochi, Kerala, India. It was established in 1985 by the Madhavan Nayar Foundation, a charitable trust dedicated to promoting education, culture, and social welfare. The museum was created to showcase the history and cultural heritage of Kerala and to provide a space for visitors to … Read more

Kumarakom Craft Museum

Kumarakom Craft Museum: Preserving Tradition and Artistic Splendor

History of Kumarakom Craft Museum The Kumarakom Craft Museum holds a significant place in Kerala’s cultural heritage, with a history that dates back several decades. The museum was established with the aim of preserving and showcasing the traditional crafts of the region, ensuring that these art forms are not lost to time. The inception of … Read more